What is the Best Pet for you?

Hi, i'm Avery welcome to my quiz this quiz is used for if your having trouble choosing a pet, I hope you like my quiz the animals are cats, dogs, fish and a bird.

So what you will do is answer honestly, question by questionand each question you answer will bring the results up depending on each one you choose and finally it will tell you your results and that will be your perfect pet.

Created by: Avery Seltz

  1. Do you love to play but don't have anyone to play with?
  2. Do you want one that you can easily teach tricks to?
  3. Do you want one to talk to?
  4. Do you want one that you can sleep and cuddle with?
  5. Do you want a LOVING pet?
  6. Do you want a athletic pet?
  7. What color fur/ feathers/ scales?
  8. What color eyes?
  9. Do you want a heavy or light pet?
  10. Do you want FLUFFY or NOT THE MOST FUR?

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