What Is some of your qualities

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hey this is my first quiz this quiz will tell you some of your qualities im am just a kid so it may have a few spelling mistakes pls comment if this is a good quiz

this quiz is all for fun so if you dont get the answer your wanting pls dont get mad this is manley just to see if pepple like this and so i now if i should make more

Created by: elis

  1. OK first lets see if your more of a shy person or a non shy person or mix when your around friends are you the one who starts the conversation ?
  2. can you talk to the other gender very well ?
  3. OK now lets see if your a nicer or rougher "its ok if your a rougher person" if you see somebody get in a fight what do you do
  4. OK now lets see if you are more sensitive person or a hard core your ridding you bike on the rode your tiers skit and you fall what do you do "i know this hurts because this happened to me not long ago but my older friends bike ran into me and my ankle got stuck lol"
  5. now lets see what tipe of pets o you like if you could have only 1 of these pets winch one would you get
  6. if you had to choose a anamal to et whould you get a smaller pet or a biger pet
  7. what fetchers do you look for while buying a pet
  8. are you greedy lets see if you $100 what whould you do with it
  9. you got 50 more eater eggs then everyone els what do you do
  10. now lets see if your responsible your mom says get only 1 peice f halloween candy when shes gone do you do what she sayds or didabay

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Quiz topic: What Is some of my qualities