What horse breed is right for you?

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Finding the right horse breed for you may be difficult, and I know the feeling, so I made this quiz so that you may find clues to the right breed. The picture for this quiz is MY PHOTO, please do not take any credit what so ever.

There are 12 simple questions I have created to help you in the selection, and if the question does not apply to your needs or wants, you may simply skip over it. Enjoy.

Created by: sam2153

  1. Do you want a warmblood breed?
  2. Do you want a breed for English events? (show jumping, dressage, cross-country,)
  3. Do you want a breed for events like:
  4. Do you want a spirited breed?
  5. Do you want a horse for lessons/training beginners?
  6. Do you want a pure breed (not too many breeds in the linage)?
  7. Do you want a:
  8. Do you want a breed capable of competing in:
  9. Do you want a(n):
  10. Pick your most desired characteristic for your horse (from the options below):

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