What horse are you?

You think you smart? Take the test and find out for sure! You could end up being a goofy horse or a stunning horse! Who do you think you are??????????

These horses all have different personalities and you decide who you are by answering simple question that are in story mode! It's fun for all!!! Boys and girl can play it

Created by: Georgia

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Your about to jump 6mts but you haven't done it before what do you do?
  2. Your shoe has come lose while you owner is riding you but she doesn't seem to notice
  3. A rescue horse is laying beside you with treats
  4. You get a smack from your owner what should you do?
  5. Your owner has decided to wash you in winter what should you do?
  6. A horse it being mean to you so you:
  7. You see a mare giving birth what should you do?
  8. Your tangled in your horse rug so you:
  9. A calf is watching its mother die so you:
  10. What is your favourite treat ?

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Quiz topic: What horse am I?