What hogwarts house are you in?

Well there are are many people in the world, but there are just a few magic ones. They are called Witches or Wizards. I am a witch myself. What house fits you, also? Hmm...

So are YOU a witch or wizard who deserves a house? Or are you a plain, ordinary muggle? (non magic person) Well, now you will know! Good luck on the quiz!

Created by: jada
  1. First of all, do you even believe in magic?
  2. Which of these match you?
  3. Which colour combination do you like?
  4. Element? (favourite)
  5. Element? (star sign)
  6. What brings peace to you?
  7. What books do you like?
  8. Fave lesson? (Muggle world)
  9. Fave lesson? (Wizarding world)
  10. Last question. Which house do you THINK you will be in?

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Quiz topic: What hogwarts house am I in?