What Hobbit Character are You?

Take this quiz to reveal the one question you are dying to know!What Hobbit character are you? Are you Gandalf, Bilbo, Thorin? Or Even Gollum. Take the quiz now and find out!

This quiz is very accurate, so don't be dissapointed. Just because you got Gollum doesn't mean you live in a dark cave half naked eating child goblins. Feel free to retake the quiz to recieve annother character!

Created by: Oliver
  1. You are given a dangerous mission. Do you...
  2. In a group of travellers are you...
  3. After a long, hard, day, do you...
  4. There is a fatal fire in a tower block. Who do you save?
  5. What is your favourite food?
  6. Where in Middle Earth would you travel to?
  7. Do you like reading.
  8. You meet a helpless stranger on your travels alone. Do you...
  9. You find a ring made of solid gold that can turn you invisible. Do you?
  10. And finally, what power would you have?

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Quiz topic: What Hobbit Character am I?