What Harry Potter house are you in

You must have read the books or seen the films of harry potter! well now with this online sorting hat youcan see whathouse yu are in too! i spent a long time on this so i hope you like it!

Now Place your sorting hat on and now we shall see where you truly belong mabey cunning slitherin or Brave Griffindor or mabey Witty Ravenclaw or even the loyal Hufflepuff see where you belong in this quiz!

Created by: Cadence
  1. You see a classmate cheating in the O.W.L.S test you...
  2. when you die you would like people to remember you as being...
  3. on a test, you get 19-20 You feel...
  4. You get a howler from your parents saying that they are very dissapointed that you failed a test when really you got a high score you...
  5. Which house would you like to be in
  6. Do you care about the rights of Mudbloods and pure bloods
  7. Who is your fav person?
  8. What is your personality
  9. What do you do in your spare time?
  10. How brave are you?

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Quiz topic: What Harry Potter house am I in