What harry potter house are you

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Have you ever been wondering what house your in? well now find out! are you in Griffindor the brave,Hufflepuff the kind, Ravenclaw the wise and smart.

Sorry no Sltherin i forgot about Sltherin how did i ? No idea why.??????????????????????????????? After this quiz you will know. Try another quiz. If you want all the houses

Created by: Anna
  1. Do you have many close friends.
  2. you you do things to protect what you love?
  3. Are you big on studying and being top in school?
  4. Will you try new things?
  5. Are you a harry potter fan?
  6. Is do you want to get this quiz over with?
  7. do you enjoy goofing off
  8. will you go exploring?
  9. do you belive in mysical things because of books or expirence.
  10. what house do you want in. (Sorry no slytherin!)

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Quiz topic: What harry potter house am I