What grade do you belong in

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This will test the see what grade are you in and what grades you should be in if you find this quiz good I can make a part 2 or something similar to this

The following grades are Pre-K kindergarten grade school middle school high school college and adulthood have fun and remember to share like and comment

Created by: Rosa Weatmill
  1. For starters what is 2 + 2
  2. What is the proper way to introduce yourself
  3. What is 7 times 4
  4. Complete the sentence,today ( your answer) did good in school
  5. What does the usual middle schooler wear
  6. Can a teenager drive a car
  7. What movie has a boat sinking
  8. Who invented electricity
  9. What is math
  10. How many crayons come in a small pack
  11. What do you wear
  12. Do you have a girlfriend
  13. This is the end of the quiz should I make a part 2

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Quiz topic: What grade do I belong in