What GENRE are you?

Books come in many flavors. While it's possible you like many kinds of stories you probably have a favorite. This quiz tests your personality to find a match.

A genre (JAHN ra) is a style of story where the character matches a setting and certain types of problems can be expected. For instance, in a Western there will usually be a cowboy on a ranch riding horses.

Created by: MrsLinse
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  1. I love monsters!
  2. I love going to new places and meeting new people.
  3. Adventure and action is important in a story.
  4. I like learning new things.
  5. Spooky stories...
  6. Computers...
  7. Fairy tales...
  8. When I read, I'm really good at picturing things in my head. Teachers call this mental movie visualization.
  9. Books that make me think...
  10. When it comes to TV...

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Quiz topic: What GENRE am I?