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Do you believe in fairies? You may not, but this quiz is for fun! I tried to make a fun quiz, but even if you don’t like it, I tried! I hope you enjoy!

The only way I could do this was a hug from you I had to go home to get a married couple and then went out and got my mom to get her to school I had a good night I love her and she gave her her money she gave her her mom she gave me her number. Lol, I was bored...

Created by: Dolphingirl11
  1. First, what is your fave element?
  2. Fave color?
  3. Fave animal?
  4. Do you think this quiz is dumb (won’t affect answer)
  5. Wyr eat kfc, or drink mtn. Dew?
  6. Last question: will you rate and comment?
  7. Hi
  8. How r u
  9. Do u like The Office?
  10. Ok, byeeee!

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Quiz topic: WHAT FAIRY am I?