What extreme political ideology are you?

You will receive 10 questions based on political opinions. Answer them as accurately to YOU as possible, but don't overthink them. You will then receive an extreme ideology that best fits YOU!

Please bear in mind that this is a random quiz you found on the internet, and is not meant to be an objective ideology assigner. Go to pewresearch.org/politics/quiz/political-typology for a serious assignment of a (most likely) non-extreme political typology.

Created by: SomeRandomGuy
  1. Any successful country needs a strong government and a strong leader.
  2. Immigration should be strongly controlled.
  3. I don't care what people do in private.
  4. A strong military is integral to maintaining a nation.
  5. The police should enforce the law by force, not diplomacy.
  6. Frequent parades showing off military might are beneficial because they will show my country's power.
  7. My race is superior.
  8. Free healthcare is a good idea, better than any alternative.
  9. Capitalism is the foundation of any advanced society.
  10. Which political figure do you most identify with?

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Quiz topic: What extreme political ideology am I?