What Eminem Song Are You?

Ever wondered what Eminem Song you were? Well in this quiz, you'll find out!! In this quiz pick your favorite songs and albums to see what Eminem song you are!!! Have Fun and Enjoy

Eminem has been an Icon for 20 years now, how does it feel to know that you get to see what type of amazing hit of Eminem's you are, if I were you, I'd feel honored!!

Created by: Butter
  1. What is your favorite Eminem Album?
  2. What lyric fits you?
  3. Which one of these classics are your favorite?
  4. Who was your favorite ft on an Eminem Song?
  5. Favorite D12 member?
  6. Least favorite Eminem album?
  7. Favorite MMLP song?
  8. Favorite SSLP song?
  9. Who's the better persona?
  10. What song do you think you're gonna get?

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Quiz topic: What Eminem Song am I?