What Element Describes You?

Have you ever wondered what element fits you? Not what colours you like, as that would be inaccurate, but what colours suit you, then where you feel most comfortable.

Not only will this quiz tell you which element represents you, but what your personality is, what your ideal room environment is and where in the natural world you feel most at home.

Created by: Dawn
  1. Which Is Your Favourite Method Of Transport?
  2. What Colours Suit You Best?
  3. How would you like to be seen?
  4. How would you like to be seen?
  5. What is your complexion?
  6. What is your favourite taste?
  7. What would you like as a gift?
  8. What is your favourite animal?
  9. What's your favourite type of weather?
  10. What's your favourite time of day?

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Quiz topic: What Element describes me?