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HiII I’m Rozalyn! The creator…I’m only 9 years old and I LOVE anime~what type of anime charictor are YOU? Find out in THIS test silly~>jxjxjxjsjsmj JUST MONIKA

You could be Monika…sayori…Natsuki…yuri…JUST MONIKA’cjcks,skxksjsjxjxks M-O-N-I-K-A…mo-NIK-Aa MONIKA…MØÑIKÅ…MonikaMonikaMonikaMonika…HELP____________ MOnIkA hA— ta—- OVER HELPPp

Created by: Rozalyn Dowd
  1. Do you suffer from any of the following?
  2. What do you like to read
  3. Are you a little crazy?
  4. What type of DERE are YOU???
  5. Do you like ANIME/MANGA
  6. What animal do you relate to? Nyaaaa~
  7. Who is your favorite charictor from doki doki literature club?
  8. Did you LOVE my quiz~?
  9. Do you like————JUST MONIKA
  10. How do you spend your day?

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Quiz topic: What Doki Doki literature club girl am I -Rozalyn