What Dog Breed Are You?

There are over a hundred dog breeds in the world...which one are you? Take this fun quiz and find out!!! You will answer complex questions. Some have nothing to do with the subject but are fun topics!

Which do breed are YOU? Do you have the certain traits a Grey Hound, ect. You will only wonder, untill you take this quiz...tell your friends and much more! Thanks to my quiz, you will reveale which one you really are inside!

Created by: Jenni
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  1. How athletic are you?
  2. Which trait best describes you?
  3. How big of ears do you have?
  4. If you were a dog, what color coat would you want?
  5. Which behavior best describes you?
  6. What kind or clothes do you wear?
  7. What type of shoes do you wear?
  8. You are invited to a dance, what do you wear?
  9. You won a million dollars...what do you spend it on?
  10. You are asked out on a date by someone you REALLY like but your friends are right there and they HATE him...what do you do?
  11. You are getting fat what do you do?
  12. Do you like me?
  13. Will you rate this quiz?

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Quiz topic: What Dog Breed am I?