What does your KOTLC match list look like?

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I got the idea to make this quiz when I found the website to make a quiz, and I thought; “Well… there are so many ‘Who’s your KOTLC boyfriend’ quizzes? What if I make a who’s your KOTLC girlfriend quiz?”

So I decided to make the quiz. But then it got deleted and I needed to start over and changed it to a “What would your KOTLC match list look like quiz and I was sooooooo exited when I finished it!

Created by: Julia Plantinga
  1. What’s your KOTLC ability?
  2. What’s your favorite color?
  3. What’s your hair color?
  4. Have you taken this quiz before? If so who did you get?
  5. Who do you want to get?
  6. How many KOTLC books have you read?
  7. What’s your eye color?
  8. What’s your favorite male KOTLC character?
  9. Which male KOTLC dude do you think Shannon Messenger should erase from the series?
  10. Final question.Did you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: What does my KOTLC match list look like?