What do you know about among us?

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Hello and welcome this a quiz about among us to test your skills this is an easy test if you have played the game for a while I don't mean that if you get it wrong your bad I just think if you actually try you will pretty much ace it

If you think you know alot about among us try this quiz to test your if you want me to make another, let me know and have a great time! I hope you beat the quiz and also have fun!

Created by: Grayson

  1. can wires be a common task?
  2. Is there a lore in among us?
  3. How many official maps are there is among us? (as of 1/11/2021)
  4. How long does upload take (intend to) (no mods)
  5. How many colors are in among us? (no mods)
  6. What color was removed in among us?
  7. Does changing colors have an effect on what you can do?(no mods)
  8. How many visuals are there in the skeld (no mods)
  9. can you make skins in among us? (no mods)
  10. How many roles are there? (no mods)
  11. Is the shields task a visual? (no mods)
  12. What is the maximum number of short tasks you can have?(no mods)

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Quiz topic: What do I know about among us?