What Do The Popular Girls Think About You?

Throughout this quiz, you will be finding out what the popular girls really think of you. Do they adore you? or do they really just wish you could disappear? Or do they lie in between these two extremes?

Please do not get offended no matter what you get, because you must know that you can't make everyone like you. You're still awesome no matter which result you get. Have fun.

Created by: sodfjsdiofsdiojf

  1. if the teecher scolds you in class what do you do
  2. what do u like to ware
  3. r u popular
  4. what's ur fav color
  5. do u follow the rules
  6. r u smart
  7. wut do u do when the popular girls walk by
  8. how often do u complete ur home work on time
  9. y r u taking this quiz
  10. bye bye

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