What do the Hogwarts characters think?

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Hey! Will you be a Sexy Slytherin, Hot Hufflepuff, Irresistible Ravenclaw, or Gurly Gryffindor? Take this quiz to find out! Comment/Rate/polls/the usual!

I've been taking quizzes like this and I thought I'd make one! I tried my best but it was harder than I thought! Anyway, tell me your result, what you think of your result, and what you think of the quiz. Thanks!

Created by: Pyra Potter

  1. Hey Guys! It's Pyra! I just wanted to try this type of quiz! FYI: Boys, unless your Bi, go AWAY!!
  2. Fav color? I don't get why people hate that question
  3. RP questions now!
  4. Draco snogged you senseless at lunch. What do you do?
  5. Ron attempted to ask you out but ended up screaming at you. What do you do?
  6. Harry and Draco are in a fight. The fight includes punching, kicking, cursing, and spell casting. They stop and ask your opinion. You say.
  7. A Slytherin drops his books all over the floor. What do you do
  8. You failed an essay for Snape. What do you do
  9. Someone comes up and punches you for no reason (this has actually happened to me) what do you do?
  10. Thanks! I was thinking of doing an HP 7 minutes in heaven, what do you think? Also, should I do more of these? They will get better, promise. Comment with your answers!

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