What DarkForest Character Are You?

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This quiz is about wich dark forest character you will be! I, ThistleClaw feel very happy that someone is taking my quiz, I guess that's another person for me to spare.

Yo, still ThistleClaw here, I wanted to tell you that all these people in this quiz are currently in the dark forest. This took me lots of time to make because I have paws. So enjoy!

Created by: ThistleClaw

  1. DF trainee?
  2. What Gender Are You?
  3. How Did You Die
  4. What's Your Favorite Colour.
  5. Nice Or Mean
  6. How Would You Deal With A Rouge
  7. Stay In The Dark Forest Or Have A Chance At Star Clan
  8. Happy Or Mad
  9. Fate
  10. What Is Wrong With You?

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Quiz topic: What DarkForest Character am I?