What costume should your toddler wear? Unisex costumes

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Halloween is every child's favorite holiday. Also, parents love showing off their child wearing their costumes. I know you're stumped on what should your toddler wear. I got the answer for you!

Are you stumped on what your toddler should wear for Halloween? I know you are other wise you wouldn't be taking this quiz. You will enjoy the pics I have on here!

Created by: lol_cool

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. What makes your baby really happy?
  2. If you played one of these songs, which song will make your child bop their head?
  3. What color do you think your child is attracted to?
  4. Which name is the closet to your child's name?
  5. What season was your child born in?
  6. What activity does your child enjoy doing on the weekends?
  7. What is your child's favorite show to watch?
  8. How do you try to get your child to go to sleep?
  9. What is your child's favorite everyday style?
  10. What is your child's favorite toy?

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Quiz topic: What costume should Ir toddler wear? Unisex costumes