what color werewolf are you?

alright are you ready to see if your a brown,black, or white werewolf.most people dont believe in werewolves but do you. I picked the 3 most important werewolf colors to me that are the strongest and can handle themselves pretty well. What color will you be?Take this quis to find out

time to see what color u are.I also based some of the questions on twilight and yes i know i spelled liea wrong i think.So dont leave a comment about me spelling her name wrong.Are u ready to see if you your desired color wolf and see what twilight character you are all in one!Take the quiz to find out

Created by: deanna bourgeois
  1. Do u loose ur temper?
  2. are you a leader,follower,or loner
  3. would you perfer black,white,or brown
  4. is this interesting (doesnt effect answer)
  5. in twilight who would yoou be
  6. if you were in battle would you......
  7. im out of ideas so im gonna do random questions k
  8. are you enjoying this quiz
  9. your
  10. what do u think u got

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Quiz topic: What color werewolf am I?