What color is your heart?

I made the quiz what color is your heart. Again gender and age never count. I hope you enjoy thee quiz. I did take along to time to make the quiz or find out colors for people:)

I don't understand why we need to write three paragraphs. But thank you if you take the quiz. let me know what you get and if it was good or bad or in between:)

Created by: mcr111
  1. Do you like to get revenge?
  2. Have you gotten hurt alot?
  3. WHen do you tend to show your true self?
  4. Are you impulsive?
  5. Do you regret the past?
  6. What do you like more?
  7. Do you say randome stuff?
  8. What words appeal to you more?
  9. Are you street smart or book smart?
  10. Do you lie alot?
  11. When you do to the a food store, what do you look at first?

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Quiz topic: What color is my heart?