what color are you

color can describe a persons personality and i put together some random colors and what i thought they might represent there not accurate lol so dont think you are what i put down for that color but i think its funny...:D

also for me i think i fit into the green catagory if you wanted to know and yeah so this is my quiz. and i hope you like it lol cuz i do and so do my friends...:)

Created by: kelsey

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. when you want something you....
  2. what do you do daily.....
  3. why are you taking this quiz
  4. ..............tell me what you think of when i say...."red"
  5. whats your purpose in life
  6. how is your life
  7. what do ppl like most about you
  8. do you have any brothers or sisters
  9. so...haha...my haha...wut the ..haha...and like yeah
  10. what is your favorite color

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Quiz topic: What color am I