What clan are you in? (Warrior cats)

Hi! I’m EchoSong! I live in leaf clan I’m a medicine cat! We can hunt but not fight hear and we can have kits! Oh.. what happend pinepaw? You got cut by a thorn? Come In my den I can help you

Oh... uhh hi.. I’m blossom leaf... I think EchoSong forgot about me... well forget that! She is busy in leaf clan there can be two medicine cats so one can be hunting and the other is at camp!

Created by: EchoSong

  1. What’s yore favorite color?
  2. What’s yore favorite power of three cat?
  3. What yore favorite clan?
  4. Do you like water?
  5. Well bye...?
  6. Ok well I’ll do one more question...roblox Minecraft WildCraft or among us? (No effect)
  7. Well I need to do more questions (no effect)
  8. No effect
  9. Another no effect
  10. U WANT EFFECTS? (no effect)
  11. Ok well I can go now bye

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Quiz topic: What clan am I in? (Warrior cats)