What Chinese ideology are you?

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What ideology are you if you were a Chinese? This simple quiz will help you find out. Assume you were a Chinese citizen when answering this quiz as they deal with the most divisive questions of China.

Are you the orthodox New Marxist, the typical soveit Old commie Marxist, the patroitic Left Nationalist, the nationalistic Right Nationalist, the USA-worshipping Old Liberal, the CNN New Liberal, the activist Radical Progressive, or what else?

Created by: URSS1991
  1. What's your opinion on Mao Zedong? (You don't have to agree with every policy of him to say "based", just the general concept is ok)
  2. Is our nation great?
  3. What's your opinion on feminism?
  4. Are trans women (originally assigned male) women?
  5. What type of economy should we have?
  6. Should we legalize drugs?
  7. Do you like USA or USSR more?
  8. Do you like anime?
  9. Which song do you like best?
  10. Do you believe in Western liberal media like CNN when it comes to politics and world news?
  11. Commie or Anticommie, choose one.

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Quiz topic: What Chinese ideology am I?