What Character of Souls of Many are you?

What character of Souls of Many are you most like? Take this 12 question quiz to see if you are your favorite character or your most least favorite character.

You could be Tsukiuma, Blaz, Leon, Mitsu, or Misa. Who will you turn out to be most like? If you want to know take this quiz and lets find out. Try It.

Created by: Kitoma

  1. What is your anime hair color.
  2. What is your WOP (weapon of choice)
  3. Rate your popularity.
  4. What is your favorite SOM (souls of many) Character
  5. You are half way there! What would you most describe your personality.
  6. What two characters would pair up in a battle the best.
  7. Do you believe in everything you see.
  8. Why do you think this series is called Souls of Many
  9. What character would you like to be with the most if you were your favorite character.
  10. Final Question. What is your favorite letter.

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Quiz topic: What Character of Souls of Many am I?