What character do you play at high school?

Do you wonder what people think you are at high school? well than take this quiz and find out. are you lauded back or so very popular? find out now. good luck and no offence to people if they get a result they don't like.

so you think you are nerdy or sporty find out the truth by taking this quiz. get ready for three questions the answers will affect your result there are 4 possible results with 10w questions.

Created by: Roxy

  1. What do you wear at school everyday?
  2. What do you do if there is a question you know the answer to?
  3. How do you spend your lunch time?
  4. what do you read in the time you have?
  5. where do you sit in the cafeteria?
  6. what colour hair do you have?
  7. do you like being the centre of attention?
  8. what is your favourite foot wear?
  9. what is your favourite music?
  10. what is you favourite subject?

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Quiz topic: What character do I play at high school?