What cat is your ideal match?

Well, my dad is allergic to cats so I can't have a cat of my own. But I did make a quiz of my own to match you with your PURRRFECT pet. Spoiler alert! THEY'RE ALL CATS. Depending on your personality. Comment me if you actually want that cat in real life what cat it is and that you want it in real life. I did make up the names though so If you like the name just name it that. There is a hypoallergenic cat incase you or a family member is allergic to cats. This is a kind of long, but VERY accurate quiz. Half the questions don't affect your score though. Not too long. Just kind of long. You could be the PURRRFECT match for Star, Cherry, Jem, Princess, Tabitha, or Meala T. I hope you fall in love with your PURRRFECT (adorable!) match. I know you will ;) so all you need to do is take this quiz!

All you need to do is answer every question honestly, if your answer isnt there just ignore it. Don't ignore too many, just think of a different answer. Cats are amazing intelligent, sweet, loving, NON-LAZY, Awesome pets. Even WildCats like a tiger are incredible! Make sure to take my other quiz on your perfect pet-match. It's just like this just a whole lot shorter (12 questions) and it's not JUST cats. Cats are marvelous. And they also like marbles. Squirrels are also super duper Awesome. They're the two best animals in the whole entire world! I'll also be making a quiz like this for squirrels. You saw me hinting it to you. Anyways, thanks for clicking this quiz, it's funny, fun (I LOVE filling out information about myself) and of course, like always, very accurate. Enjoy the quiz!!!

Created by: Averil SquirrelGirl
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What PURRRRFECT treat would you want if you were a cat
  2. What home would be your PURRRFECT home?
  3. What color is your favorite?
  4. How old are you (if your 18 or younger) if you aren't any just skip this question
  5. Do you like tiny kittens?
  6. What would you do if a bird smashed into your glass door (That litterally just happened to me this doesn't effect your score)
  7. There is a mouse in the house. Do you catch it?
  8. There is a mouse in the house. Do you catch it?
  9. Wow. You just saw the one. The only. CAT MAN! What do you say to your favorite hero?
  10. Are you adventurous?
  11. What do you like to say?
  12. Are you tall or short?
  13. What nickname is best for you?
  14. Let's say you're a cat named Mewsy. Like Lucy just with Mew Instead! You have to go deliver supplies to a friend for their big party. But then you realize—they didn't invite you! How dare they. But they're your friend. So you don't mention it. You deliver Watermelon and and a juicer first. But in 3 hours, when the party starts, you see it on the news. "This is awesome!" Yells your friend. "OH YEAH!!! PARTY ALL NIIIIGHT!!!!!" Says another kitty. Your drinking purple grape soda and spit it out in shock. You grind your teeth and crush your teeth. "Oops. The dentists told me to stop grinding my teeth. Better put my mouth piece in." You get your plastic mouth piece that stops teeth grinding. I grind my teeth too so don't sweat it. "I mean... wait WHAT?!? They're having a big crazy party... without me? How dare she. I'm gonna pay." You throw my soda out first though. "Gotta recycle!" Then you rush across the street and get to the third floor of the apartment where the party is. It's a big apartment. "You!" You yel "You?" She spits out her soda. "I didn't invite you!" "I know." You say. "On purpose!" She says. You nod. "I KNOW," you say. "This party is for my friends!" She says. "Am I not your friend?" You ask. "Look, I thought it would be a small boring party not this big! I didn't wanna bore you! You're my best friend. Wanna join now? It's never too late." You nod. "Of course not." You two dance. "We interrupt this program for a breaking news alert." Says the TV. All of the cats stop and turn to the TV. Some even spill their soda. Accidentally. "We figured out cats cannot have soda. Especially Grape Soda." You two turn to each other in wide eyes. "UH OH." You and your friend go to the doctor. "Uh-huh, uh-huh, okay..." he says. He poked and prodded us. "You'll have GENZO ZEILA fever for a while. But it's okay." We turn to each other. "What's that?" "Oh just take Arbon Pillz once a day and you'll be fine." Before we could ask "what?" He sent us flying out the window yelling, "NEXT?" "Ooh that store has Arbon Pills." Says your friend. "It's all sold out. And it's Arbon PILLZ, not Pills." She rolls her eyes. "Same thing!" You shake my head. "It's not," you say. "But anyways, let's go somewhere else." Everywhere Arbon pills are sold out. Except for WallGreens. "Wait there's one left. Who should have it?" You think. "We could split it! It'll only be for six days. There's 6 Pillz and we could just buy a new one in three days!" You both nod. But in three days, you see a breaking news report. "Arbon Pillz were banned from America." You turn into giant slime monsters. Suddenly, The PowerPuff girls come in. "Time to kick some butt!" Yells Buttercup, besting up your yellow slime monster friend. "I'll zap the green one!" Yells Blossom. "Bubbles, prefect the cats in Cat City. Why is everyone a cat here?" "Wait! No! It's not what you think!" You try to yell but my nose is so stuffy you can barely speak. "I think it said he wants to destroy the town!" Says Blossom. "No! and my friend is not a boy!" Your friend tries to yell. "He wants to.. wait. Bubbles! It has cat ears! Can you understand what he's trying to say?" Yells Blossom. Buttercup is still beating up your friend. Bubbles floats over. "It's not what it looks like!" Your friend yells. "It's not what it looks like," bubbles translates. "We're sick and out of Arbon Pillz." Bubbles giggles. "They're just sick and out of Arbon Pillz!" Bubbles dumps pillz in your mouths. You're normal again. "Thanks PowerPuff girls!" Says your friend as bubbles floats you to the ground. "No problem!" Says bubbles. "Here's your Arbon Pills." A week later, your ears turn bright yellow and grow huge! "Ahh! What's happening to me!" You yell. Then You look out the window and see it happening to everybody. What do you do?
  15. Let's say you were watching TV at the time. Then on live news it happens to them too! Then they recommend a hospital! Everybody in Cat City can go but one person cause that's just how big it is. You're that one person. When your friend comes out, you ask her about it. "What did he prescribe?" You ask. "Eat thumbtacks seven days a week every 4 hours. She pops a thumbtack in her mouth. You do too. Soon, everyone has and their ears are back to normal. But not your friend's. But after a week, they're normal, an everyone stops eating tacks. "Let's have a epic party! At my house this time." You wink. She laughs. "Okay. Hahaha." After the party the Teen Titans appear from no where. "TITANS GO!" Yells Robin. Then StarFire and BeastBoy grabs you and your friend. "WHO THE HECK ARE YOU?" You yell. "The Teen Titans. Where's CinderBlock?" Yells Cyborg. "Nowhere. Who's that weird girl In a purple cloak?" You ask. "Raven. I think uh, this might be the wrong town. You're all talking Cats." Hmph. "People are weird." You say. "Yeah, they are. Are they all Cartoon Superheroes?" Asks your friend. "No," argues Raven. "Most people aren't," says Robin. "Well it seems like it. The PowerPuff girls came here a few weeks ago." You say. "Oh the PowerPuff Girls!" Says Raven. "They're the worst. They steal our thunder!" "Um..." says your friend. "We've got... to go..." she pulls you to her house. Then you see The Justice League. "MORE HUMAN SUPERHEROES?" You punch them back to their home. "Ah that's better. You sit back and watch TV with your friend. Then suddenly the superheroes you're watching, the Uber Cats, come to life. They're dressed in blue and white. "Finally! CAT superheroes!" You say. "I'm kinda sick of heroes." Says your friend. "No offense Uber Cats." "We know a genie you could have." Says the third one. "What is this Aladdin?" Asks your friend. "We'll take him!" The first one in front shakes his head. "Her. We'll take HER. it's a girl Genie." They give us a pot then leave. "We aren't Aladdin now, are we?" Asks your friend. The genie pops out. She has pink curly hair and is a human. She wears a purple dress but you can only see the top. "More humans," sighs your friend. This time it's more of a statement. "Wish upon you yes you may, tell me what you want today!" It says. "A million wishes!" You say. She grants your wish. "I wish human superheroes would disappear." Grumbles your friend. "Wish granted." She says in a accent. "Ugh." You say. "You're such a bad sport." Hundreds of wishes later, it's your last wish! You have three wishes left. 1. To reverse a wish 2. World peace 3. Having edible sunglasses Which do you choose?
  16. The Teen Titans return as Cats. BeastBoy is just in Cat Form. Raven and Robin were birds. Hay do you say?
  17. Wer wishle wash
  18. What is my middle name?
  19. By the way, my middle name will be in the outtro so you can see if you're rightly anyways, what is your favorite time of day
  20. What treat sounds yummy? (If you were a cat)
  21. Aw nuts, a squirrel stole your snack! But squirrels are one of the two best animals EVER! What do you do? (The other best animal ever is cats obviously)
  22. Why Is the sky blue?
  23. My middle name is Elva by the way. That answers one of those questions. ANYWAYS what is your favorite unstrument?
  24. Halfway through! What is your favorite candy?
  25. What is your favorite holiday?
  26. Is your skin green?
  27. Is this quiz too long?
  28. Watermelon or cherries?
  29. MEOW!
  30. How hairy are you?
  31. It's icecream festival! What flavor do you get?
  32. ¡Hola! Mi numbre es Averil SquirrelGirl. No me gusta Futbal Americano. ¡Mi Gueta Mucho Pinter porque es Divertido e no abburido! Mi gusta Gato 😉. ¿Que te gusta? ¿Te gusta Montar a cabbollo?
  33. What's your favorite drink?
  34. What color are your eyes?
  35. What color are your eyes?
  36. Set a goal for yourself
  37. Who do you ask to help solve a problem?
  38. You're plans for icecream festive just canceled (that just happened to me) what do you do instead?
  39. We're almost done! More than half of these questions don't affect you score! Anyways, what flower is best?
  40. How intelligent are you?
  41. Nah nah nah nah, nah nah nah nah, CAT MAN! NAH NAH NAH NAH, NAH NAH NAH NAH, NAH NAH, CAT MAN! Or Cat-Wonder Woman Or SuperCat
  42. Nah nah nah nah, nah nah nah nah, CAT MAN! NAH NAH NAH NAH, NAH NAH NAH NAH, NAH NAH, CAT MAN! Or Cat-Wonder Woman Or SuperCat
  43. We're almost done! How many times have you been to mars?
  44. What color is your favorite cat fur color?
  45. What If the WiFi turned off when you were getting the results for the quiz?
  46. A puffy cloud with a long snout and triangle ears is in the sky. What do you think it is?
  47. Last question. You're trapped on a dessert Island. Not desert, dessert. You can eat one dessert for as long as you're on the island. Here's the choices: 1. Icecream 2. Cookies 3. Candy bar 4. Chocolate 5. M&Ms/Skittles 6. Reece's PeanutButter Cups
  48. Finally, how did you enjoy my quiz?

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Quiz topic: What cat is my ideal match?