What branch of the military are you in

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Are you a navy,Air Force or even Army person. Take this test and you will find out. Then you can wait if you are seventeen (or if your older than seventeen you just sign up) then go and sign up to that branch of the military Regards General Hitler

Will you Fly/Drive a tank, a destroyer or even a fighter jet you will find out in this quiz and you can join your county's branch of the military (or another country's ) Your country needs you Regards General Douglas MacArthur

Created by: Albert Einstien

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Which is your favourite way to travel
  2. What is your favourite branch of the military
  3. Do you want to drive a tank
  4. (No effect) what's my name
  5. What's your favourite weapon
  6. What is your favourite rank
  7. (No effect) who would you kill
  8. What do you want to drive/fly
  9. Are you afraid of heights
  10. Was this quiz fun

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Quiz topic: What branch of the military am I in