What are you in the PJO world?

You probably want to know what you would be in the PJO world. A huntress? A camper? Are you on a quest? Are you are cabin counselor? You will find out soon! This quiz will tell you the answer because any true PJO world fan would want to know where exactly they fit in this book series. I will change this quiz from time to time to make it better and more accurate.

Please give some constructive feedback and suggestions and rate this quiz! Please help me make it it better! I will be very thankful for that. Any suggestion, feedback or ratings will help me improve this quiz!

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  1. How many Percy Jackson and the Olympians books have you read?
  2. Which personality trait do you possess the most?
  3. Girl or boy?
  4. Which of these weapons is in your opinion perfect for you?
  5. Can you or have you ever seen a monster?
  6. Have you ever had a teacher who has attacked you or just seems to hate you? Or any student?
  7. Which description of a place do you like the most?
  8. Choose one:
  9. Do you want to join the Huntresses?
  10. Fate

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Quiz topic: What am I in the PJO world?