What Are You????

You’ve been told you are human. You‘ve wished to be something else. But those who said you are human may be lying to you. Are you a vampire or werewolf?

With this quiz, you’ll find out! (Note: my grammar isn’t best, so don’t get mad about that. Also, please excuse my often rude comments about vampires. I’m a werewolf, and you know how werewolves get about vampires.)

Created by: WerewolfSquddi
  1. Do you have hair on you?
  2. What is your past time?
  3. What do you do if it’s a full moon?
  4. What do you feel like you are?
  5. What is your language?
  6. What is your eye color?
  7. What is your hair color?
  8. What do your eyes look like?
  9. Your nightmares are often about...
  10. What do your parents say that you are?

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Quiz topic: What am I????