What Anime paper doll are you ?

There are beautiful paper dolls of my collection. and What Anime paper doll are you ? Just find out ! This is girls only quiz , Sorry! Boys not allowed to take this quiz !

In this quiz , There are following of the paper dolls what I made a paper craft. Any all age can take this quiz ,especially, If you love making paper dolls.

Created by: Kpop Anime queen

  1. What colour is your hair ?
  2. What colour are your eyes ?
  3. What is your favorite hobby ?
  4. What is your favourite movie genre ?
  5. Are you good or evil ?
  6. Fate ?
  7. What is your favourite Anime ?
  8. What paper doll team would you be in ?
  9. What is your favorite K pop band ?
  10. Do you like this quiz ?

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Quiz topic: What Anime paper doll am I ?