what animal best describes you

people say that you can not figure out what animal most represents you by 12 questions but it has been done I have taken this quiz many times and each time I get the right result ! good luck :):)

which animal are you ?? ARE YOU LOUD ..................... are you quiet...................... just a few short questions and you will get your respons . the good thing about this quiz is if you dont like the results you can d=sectretly take it again ... heee heeeee heeeeeeeeee

Created by: Sunny

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what do you eat your fries with ?
  2. how many siblings do you have ?
  3. 71 x 3 = ???
  4. around how many best friends do you have ?
  5. what are you afraid of ?
  6. out of the folowing two animals which is your favourite : elephant , monkey ,
  7. would you rather have a female dog a male dog or one of each
  8. whats your fave number ?
  9. food type
  10. word most used by you

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Quiz topic: What animal best describes me