What animal are you?

In my quiz, you find out what animal you would be! Do you really know everything about yourself? Will you be a bird? A fish? A mammal? A reptile? Take this quiz to find out!

This quiz and it's outcome are entirely based on personality, not gender or age. The first two questions don't matter. Nor does the star one. But the others will tell! Deep inside, what animal are you?

Created by: Page Proctor
  1. At camp, you have just enough room for swimming, will you go?
  2. Last night, you dreamt that you were a spy on a secret mission. You woke up and told your mom...
  3. You see an ad in the paper for the international singing and dancing performance! You then think...
  4. Your friend lost their dog! Will you help them find it even though you're at a party?
  5. You get a gift certificate for a free trip to the new pool! Problem is, you work late that day and if you stayed at work you would miss the pool trip! Would you go to the pool?
  6. After accidentely embarrassing yourself, someone in the hall points at you, laughs to his friends, and then puts a "kick me" sticker on your back. What do you do?
  7. There's a talent show coming up! What will you perform?
  8. Your friend took you to a new ice cream place. You haven't tried any of the flavors there, so you don't know what to choose! What do you get?
  9. A genie comes out of a bottle and grants you a wish. You can wish for a pool, a trapeze, a karate fighting ring, or a giant plot of land to do whatever you want with (but you would have to spend your own money, you only get one wish!)
  10. How many stars would you rate my quiz? (no effect on your outcome)

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