what animal are you

animals have personalities diffrent and the same.evrey animal comes with its own personalities and it helps it get throught life but wouldnt it be cool to be an animal and feel how life is for that animal?well this is what this test is all about

Whats your innner animal ??!?? find pout by taking this test. you can seek your friends and enemys, see how life is know your personality,are you dangerouse help full are you friendly or mean, you can only find out your inner animal and true self by taking this quiz so go ahead and take the dang quiz

Created by: mya403

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. are you a prankster at all
  2. would you describe yourself as strong
  3. are you a great friend
  4. do you have any enemysor just a few
  5. whats you favriot color
  6. do you have a hard life
  7. do you have alot of sibling (2-100)
  8. are you active
  9. rate
  10. comment oh and the last 3 questions (11-13)
  11. did you enjoy this quiz and do you want to knolw your animal

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Quiz topic: What animal am I