Warrior Cats, Who are You Of My Oc's?

Hello fellow warriors! So, i made up these oc's that you are like! My warrior name is Shallow Wind, that's why i added Shallow Wing. Anyways, if you have any oc names leave it in the comments!

I have never done a quiz before so PLEASE don't judge. Anyways, ill give a few names so you can use in RP! Blue Wind, Ripple Wing, Hawk Fur, and, Vine Tail!

Created by: Lightning Fur

  1. Are you a girl or a boy?
  2. There is a fire in the camp, and your leader orders YOU to gather everybody, you:
  3. Who would be your mate?
  4. You are given your warrior name, it is:
  5. Are you straight or lgbtq+?
  6. (This is in the past btw) Shallow Kit, Bird Kit, & Blueberry Kit are playing together. You see Bird Kit blush at Shallow Kit, your crush. You:
  7. Whats your warrior name in rp?
  8. So, im just going to ask if your a cat a LOT! Are you a cat?
  10. CAT RIGHT?

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Quiz topic: Warrior Cats, Who am I Of My Oc's?