Warrior Cats: Which Of My Oc's Is Your Oc Most Like?

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Creating an oc using this sweet quiz, you'll also be able to see if your oc is more like Heatherfall, Heatherclaw/star or neither! Hope you enjoy the quiz!

These ocs are created by me, but I do not own the Warriors series. It belongs to Erin Hunter. Also, do not blame me if you do not get the result you wanted.

Created by: Heather
  1. You open your eyes. What's the first thing you notice?
  2. You cuddle to your mother, when you hear your siblings coming. What are their names?
  3. What's your mother's name? You have so many questions!
  4. You ask your Mother where your father is. She responds...
  5. {a few moons later} You are now an apprentice! Your mentor is...
  6. {if you're a warrior apprentice} "So," Your mentor says. "Would you like to choose what to do? Okay, then choose."
  7. {if you're a med cat apprentice} Redrose leads you to the medicine den. She shows you a couple of blue-purple berries with spiky leaves. "Now can you tell me if you know what it is and what it does?" She asks.
  8. {if you're a warrior apprentice} "Okay let's go to a good spot to do it!" Your mentor says. Suddenly, you smell something. Rival Clan! Four warriors jump out in front of you. What do you do?
  9. {if you're a med cat apprentice} "It's juniper for bellyaches. Well-" Suddenly, there was a yowl. You rush out of the den, seeing one of your siblings and four other cats running into camp, orange flames following them. What do you do?
  10. {if you're a warrior apprentice} Before you could do anything, the cats spin around and yelp. "Fire!" Your mentor yowls. "Run!" What do you do?
  11. {a few moons later} You and your siblings are now warriors/medicine cat! What are your siblings' warrior names?
  12. That's it for now! Thank you for taking this quiz!

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