Warrior cats she-cats love story #2

Hi! Im Shimmerdream! Welcome to the second quiz in my Warrior cats she-cats love story quizzes! In this quiz, you get to know Parsleypaw a bit better, and you meet 2 new toms. Sorry, you dont do much training.

If you dont like tha amount of toms, or if you are casual, just so you know I will be adding at least one more tom in #3. Okay, now you can take #3 of Warrior cats she-cats love story!

Created by: Shimmerdream

  1. Who did you like last time?
  2. Where did we end off last time?
  3. Just to make sure you read the introduction paragraph last time, what is your cats name?
  4. Okay, now onto the real thing.
  5. You wait for what felt like moons, until finally, all your denmates were asleep. Then, you silently crept out the dirtplace tunnel, so you would have an excuse when you got back.
  6. You snuck quietly towards the NightClan border, hoping that Parsleypaw was still waiting for you. As you neared, you smelled a familiar scent, and began walking a bit faster.
  7. When you got to the border, you saw...
  8. Parsleypaw!
  9. He walks over to you, and brushes his muzzle against yours.
  10. Then, he tells you to follow him. As you keep walking, you realize that you are going away from Clan territory. You are feeling
  11. Suddenly, you find yourself in a new place, out of Clan territory. You think, Am I dreaming? You look around. You are in a meadow, with long grass, and flowers. There are a few moths, white moths, from what you could see.
  12. Parsleypaw asks you to meet him tomorrow night in this place. You think
  13. You get back to camp. Once you are back in your nest, you notice that Shadowpaw is in a different sleeping position as when you left, but you are too tired to think about that.
  14. Okay, time skip to the night. Yes, Gathering time. Hollystar is choosing which cats to go.
  15. Needlebreeze, Mapleheart, Featherstream, Birchfire, Pounceleaf, Leafheart, Emberleap, Mistytail, Amberpaw, Hazelpaw, Echopaw, Shadowpaw, and Milkweedpaw.
  16. When you get to the Gathering, you see the SpringClan cats already there. NightClan and LeafClan have not arrived yet. You decide to go meet some SpringClan apprentices. You see a particularly handsome one. He looks like
  17. You go up to him, and there is another tom next to him. The orange tiger speaks first. He says, Hi! Im Lionpaw. This is my brother, Stormpaw. Stormpaw blinks at you shyly.
  18. Lionpaw asks you to sit with him. You agree. As you sit next to Lionpaw, you notice that NightClan and LeafClan arrived. You see Parsleypaw watching you, Lionpaw, and Stormpaw.

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