Warrior cats role play #6: kits! (For she-cats only)

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Hi hi hi hi hi! I made yet another quiz! I'm sorry that that s one's shorter than usual, but only by two questions. I really hope to make more, and I have a whole storyline in my head, so watch out!

WARNING: do not take this quiz unless you have already taken quizzes 1,2,3,4, and 5 or you will not understand ANYTHING about this quiz!I hope you enjoy!

Created by: Dvora M
  1. You jolt out of sleep and feel a tremendous amount of pain in your belly. The kits are coming.
  2. You quickly wake up Wolfstorm and tell him to get Stemsnap. He hurries out of the den and into the deserted clearing.
  3. Stemsnap hurries into your den, followed closely by Ravenpaw. "What should we give Rainstripe to ease her pain?" Stemsnap tests Ravenpaw. "Poppy seeds." He replies after a moment of thought.
  4. Stemsnap slips a couple of seeds into your mouth and gradually the pain lessons. You are dimly aware of Stemsnap and Ravenpaw crouching over two tiny scraps of fur, until Wolfstorm says, "Rainstripe, said up and meet your two new daughters!"
  5. Stemsnap gently places a blue-gray kit, followed by a a bright ginger one in the curve of your belly. You are overwhelmed by happiness
  6. You cover the kit's ears with licks and the whole den fills with purring as Wolfstorm gazes fondly at the tiny creatures
  7. Wolfspirit turns to you and asks, "What should we name them?"
  8. After a brief discussion, you decide to name the gray kit Bubblekit, and the bright ginger tabby Blazekit
  9. (This one is just for fun) with name do you think is the weirdest?
  10. (Two moons later) you sit outside the nursery and watch your two kits tumbling around the clearing. Ravenheart beckons you asked and whispers "Rainstripe, I don't know how it's possible, but you have the scent of a pregnant queen on you.
  11. You decide to gather your kits up and take a nap, hoping Featherdrift or Beechtail would come and advise you.
  12. You dream. Beechtail talks to you and tells you that you just had Hollyflight's kits, and now you are going to have Wolfstorm's kits. Before you could ask her anything else, you hear someone calling your name and open your eyes to find your kits standing over you.
  13. "Rainstripe, we're hungry!" Complains Blazekit. " Yeah, we want to try fresh-kill! " Adds Bubblekit. Just then, Wolfstorm pushes his way into the nursery. "Well, I suppose you're old enough for real food, right Rainstripe?"
  14. You agree and with a whisk of his tail, Wolfstorm gathers the kits and leads them to the fresh-kill pile.
  15. Left alone in the den, you decide to go back to sleep and see what happens. Maybe you'll meet Beechtail again. Or Featherdrift.

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