Warrior Cats Love Adventure #2(she-cats only)

(part 2 of unknown) In this new chapter in the "Warrior Cats Love Adventure" series, a new, mysterious black-furred yellow-eyed tom enters StormClan. He says his name is Shadowear. And BTW, if you liked, Flashtail, get the tissues out. He dies.

And by the way, the first quiz me and my best guy friend made it together, and his name is Bryce. He used it for my Username on #1. My name is Brooklyn. Anyway, all the names from now on will be my Username, TheWolfGirl303.

Created by: TheWolfGirl303

  1. Do you remembered you liked last time?
  2. The night after your fight with Flashtail, and after what he said, you could barely sleep. Your claws were always unsheathed, and your guard was highly raised. You managed to sleep a little bit. The next morning, you saw Ashstar talking to Flashtail. You decided to try and sneak closer and listen. You caught the words, "Ashamed" "Exiled" and "Why?" Then Flashtail sees you and hisses. Ashstar turned to look at you. "Frostsky." Ashstar growled.
  3. "Well, then, Frostsky, I'm sure you know I am to exile Flashtail. Because of you." Ashstar hisses. "I thought you were nice!" You hiss back. "You too." Ashstar growls. Ashstar hops up on Highrock. "Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather beneath Highrock for a Clan meeting!" Most of StormClan gathered below, including you and Flashtail. He sits beside you.
  4. Basically, Ashstar banished Flashtail from StormClan forever. But almost straight after Flashtail left, and you wanted to see where he went, without him knowing, he was grabbed by a few badgers and killed. You go back to camp, horrified. You walk over to Briarscar.
  5. You end up doing everything. Briarscar grins when you lick him. Hawkclaw comes over. They both look sadly at the ground when you tell them poor Flashtail's fate. "Serves him right." Skytail walks up to you. "Hey! Don't talk about him that way!" Briarscar snarls at Skytail. Skytail rolls her eyes and settles beside Hawkclaw. "Wait. If you're with Hawkclaw then who's watching your kits?" Briarscar asks. "They're with Riverflight."
  6. "Hey, who's that?" Hawkclaw asks, nodding to a black cat walking around. You, Hawkclaw, Skytail, and Briarscar walk over to him. Two warriors, two brothers named Vulturewing and Scorchtail, walk over to him too. "Who are you?" Vulturwing asks him. "I'm Shadowear." he says. "Ashstar!" Hawkclaw calls, and she walks over. "Hey, Scorchtail," nodding to her mate and deputy. He was also Flashtail's father. "Who's this pitiful rat?" Ashstar hisses at the tom. "I'm Shadowear."Shadowear says boldly.
  7. That night, Ashstar allows Shadowear in StormClan, tells the Clan, and says that you, Hawkclaw, and Briarscar are responsible for him. You decide to sleep with Shadowear that night. "So, new guy," "It's Shadowear." "Whatever. You got a mate? Or kits?" He glares at you. "I was in FireClan and I did have a mate."
  8. "Well, why'd you leave FireClan?" "'Cause they're brats." "Why didn't you at least take your mate?' "'Cause Windheart is is a jerk!" "Why?" Shadowear looks at you, then turns away from you and lies down to sleep. You see Briarscar looking at you. He smile and stick out your tongue playfully. He smiles back.
  9. Briarscar motions for you to come over. You do. He's sitting with his sister, Rainpelt. "Hi, Frostsky." Rainpelt greets. "Hey, Rainpelt." "You know there's a Gathering tonight, right?" Briarscar asked you. "Yeah," you mew, "Ashstar said I could go, surprisingly." "She said I could go, too," Rainpelt said. "I think she said Vulturewing, Scorchtail, Shadowear, Redfur, Dawnstorm, and Feathersky were going, too," Rainpelt said. "Huh. Of course she let Scorchtail go." Briarscar growled. You laid down with Rainpelt and Briarscar and fell asleep. What did you dream about?
  10. Sure enough, the next morning, you, Vulturewing, Scorchtail, Shadowear, Redfur, Dawnstorm, Rainpelt, Ashstar and Feathersky went to the Gathering. There, Ashstar, StormClan's leader; Dovestar, FireClan's leader; Quietstar, NightClan's leader; and Ripplestar, SunClan's leader. You and Rainpelt walk over to a long-furred white FireClan warrior. "Hi there! I'm Frostsky, and this is my best friend, Rainpelt!" You smile. "Hey. I'm Longfur." She says. "Suits you." Rainpelt grins. "How's life?" Rainpelt rudely asks her. "Good until you came along." Longfur snaps.
  11. "We're from StormClan." Rainpelt says. "Really? Do you know a Shadowear?" Longfur asked. "Yeah!" You say. "He's my mate. Tell him I had kits." Longfur growled. "Sure." Rainpelt nods. You and Rainpelt look at each other. Ashstar announces Flashtail's exile and death and Shadowear's joining and Skytail's kits. Dovestar announced Shadowear's leaving and Longfur's new kits. Quietstar announced one of her warriors, Whitepelt, was killed by badgers. Ripplestar said he and his mate, Graystreak, had kits. After the Gathering, You, Hawkclaw, Briarscar, Rainpelt, and Shadowear meet up.
  12. You all looked at each other. Suddenly, you heard a cat scream. A group of strange cats enter the territory. They smell weird. They attack Vulturewing.

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