Warrior Cats: Clan, Role, and OC

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This is an extremely basic quiz. I spent too much time on the results and I have a thing where I can’t use my phone after 9:00 PM. I started this thing at like 5:45 or so. I spent like an hour or two on the 10 results and had to eat dinner.

I was in a rush so I made the quiz basic. Sorry for any typos my cat is stepping on my gut and covering my view of the phone. I hope you enjoy! Have fun and a great day or night.

Created by: MoonSlayer3162
  1. Fav color listed?
  2. Your Clan?
  3. Gender:
  4. This is basic I know. What is your role in the clan? No queen, Kit, elder, or apprentice. Sorry. Now, ROLE
  5. What is your favorite weather? This is a basic quiz it’s late I have until 9:00 PM and it’s 8:01 PM currently as I write this sentence. Favorite weather GO!!!
  6. Fur color choice?
  7. Eye color choice? (Only three possible results. Amber and blue are lower amounts. Green is most.)
  8. Which girls name sounds best? Boys pick too!
  9. Boys name choice now! Girls must pick their favorite too!!!
  10. Okay imma do eleven questions. Favorite time of day?
  11. Goodbyeeeeee!! (This one has no effect)
  12. I TRICKED YOU HAHA Did you fall for it? Nvm I don’t exactly care. I’m bored sorry. Okay, did you enjoy this basic quiz?
  13. Okay now for real bye. Have a wonderful day or night! Byeee

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