VCE Biomechanics

Biomechanics is quite a difficult topic for year 11 physical education students, especially when they have very little background of it. This test covers majority of the biomechanics topic covered in Unit 1 of VCE Physical Education.

The test should be used to gauge how all students are understanding (if at all) the information provided to them in classes. A very quick tool that can provide quick assessment and feedback for students.

Created by: Daniel Hillman
  1. A wheelbarrow is one type of this class of lever..
  2. Humans are built for speed rather than strength, what type of lever is most common in the body?
  3. The Point at which a lever rotates around is called the...
  4. The Principle of Leverege states...
  5. An example of angular motion is...
  6. What is true of moment of inertia?
  7. If I was spinning on the spot like a figure skater, I would be rotating through what type of axis?
  8. A diver performing a somersault moves through which type of axis?
  9. Which of these will not affect an object's stability?
  10. The Co-Efficient of restitution refers to...

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