uhhh how well u know warrior cats

alright quiz number 3! i hope u like my test i made about how much u know about warrior cats!!!! i hope this is good some other quizes i made arent....

i will just stick with tests for now anyways pleaseeeee rate and comment i like to know what u guys think of my quiz! i hope u like your results!!!!!!!! :) XD

Created by: Nea Noopers

  1. k here goes....... uhhh whos rusty?
  2. who is deputy when fireheart comes in
  3. why did bluestar send fireheart and graystripe on a mission
  4. who killed tigerstar
  5. how did hollyleaf die
  6. what are the threes powers
  7. what is dovewing power
  8. what is the main prey of windclan
  9. what caused a fire in "rising storm"
  10. why was there no water in "the forth apprentice" also saying who/what was blocking the stream

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