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I hope you have enjoyed my quiz, I have made some others so check them out. Actually wait never mind I deleted them. Well now I gotta use up 20 more characters.

OK, you are still here, imma use this space to add some characters cause I have to. Did you read the books or watch the movies? Both are good but the books are better!

Created by: Henune
  1. Who is the main male character through the book series?
  2. From what POV is the majority of the series in.
  3. What are Edwards thoughts when he first meets Bella?
  4. What comes first. Edward sneaks into Bella's room at night or Edward saves Bella from a car crash.
  5. Who is the vampire James companions?
  6. Who is the first person to become a "Werewolf"
  7. Who is Charlie?
  8. What kind of car does Edward drive?
  9. What color is Rosalie's car?
  10. Who helps Bella in New Moon when she wants to go motorcycle riding?
  11. What does Bella think Jacob has joined when he really has turned into a "Werewolf."
  12. How does Jacob Black Learn that Bella and Edward are getting married?
  13. Who tries to kill Bella throughout all of New Moon and Eclipse?
  14. When Edward kills Victoria what does Bella describe it looks like?
  15. In what bed does Bella lose her virginity.
  16. Is Bella's baby a boy or girl?
  17. What does Bella think her babies gender will be?
  18. Who changes Bella into a vampire?
  19. What is Bella's power as a vampire? Choose the best answer?
  20. Is there any fighting during the Volturi vs Olympic Coven face off at the end of the book series?

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