Twilight Fan Quiz

Umm i really do not know what to say soo i will list some of my fave things - turtles - Candy -The color yellow -the color blue - dogs - not cats - cows

Do you have what it takes to be a true twilight fan or do you just kind of like it. TAKE THIS QUIZ TO FIND OUT! Ps. This quiz will tell you exactly

Created by: Kdancer101

  1. What are all of the girl Cullen's names at the end of the series
  2. What is so special about Bella's before car in Breaking dawn
  3. Does Carslie have a special ability
  4. Does Jacob have and siblings and if so how many
  5. What is Bella's full name at the end of the series
  6. Who is Carsliles wife
  7. What is Renesmee's full name
  8. Why did Victoria want to kill Bella
  9. What did Jacob get Bella for graduation
  10. What was Bella's only injury besides scars that stayed for more than 3 weeks in book 1

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