Try Finishing The Lyrics!

There are many songs in America, and most of them have lyrics. What are lyrics? Lyrics are words to a song that people sing, to represent how they feel or what they are doing.

Do you know that lyrics? Can you try finishing ever sentence that I give you? Well, you can find out here if you take my quiz! This will tell you if you really know the lyrics to the songs that I show you :)

Created by: ilovekittens
  1. "I knew you were, you were gonna _____." Finish the lyrics.
  2. "Ain't it fun, ________?" Finish the lyrics.
  3. "This is me swallowing my pride, standing in front of you, saying i'm sorry for that night. And i'd go ________ all the time."
  4. "You shout it out, but _________."
  5. "She's the keys to _________."
  6. "Say something, ___________."
  7. "Who do you think you are, ____________?"
  8. "I live with ___________ ______ _____. I live with the ____ ____, live with the _____ ____."
  9. "Hey, hey, you, you, I don't like ________."
  10. "What does the ___ say?"
  11. "But first, lemme _________!"
  12. If there are some songs that you don't know, I'll try listing them in the comments :) Pick the "okay!" answer please

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