True you have one?

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Hi to all.This is my first quiz and I want you all to please take my quiz.i am excited to know you. I feel like atleast whoever will attend the quiz will be happy to do so.

This quiz is all about your friend's nature.if the result is not according to you please don't be angry. It's not my fault.GO AHEAD AND ENJOY THE QUIZ.😄

Created by: Flora

  1. Firstly,if you are a girl or a boy it doesn't matter.If you are ever at the risk of getting punished does
  2. If you have crush on someone and you tell it to your best friend does
  3. If you fall down dramatically but in real your friend
  4. Do you trust you friend?
  5. Have you anything in common with your friend?
  6. Imagine,you didn't do your homework and the teacher was about to give you such a scolding ,what did your friend do?
  7. One day you went to your friend's house for a sleepover.accidentally you broke his/her most favourite vase.what did they do?
  8. We are heading towards the end. So may I request you something?
  9. Please comment.please
  10. Please rate this quiz as I am a beginner.
  11. So have a good day dear visitor.🤗

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Quiz topic: True I have one?