Transformers:who are you?

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Hello Trasnformers Fans!. my name is IceRod.i would like to know who you are would be fan i made this quiz so all TF fans could take it and have fun doing it!.

to take this quiz you juts have to pick some thing about a we all know no one knows if TF are real but i think they are.sometimes i feel like im the only one who beleave they are real.anyways bye!.

Created by: IceRod
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. if you could pick anyone of these as your weapons what would it be?.
  2. if you could pick what you wanted to trasnform into what would it be outa of...
  3. if you were a boy trasnformer and you had a pick a sparkmate who would you pick outa.
  4. if you could pick an autobot tream who would it be?
  5. if you were to pick a side,Autobot or con who would it be?
  6. if you were to pick your own rank what would it be?
  7. if you saw cons and one of your BFFs fighting them what would you do?
  8. if you could pick a name what would it be.
  9. if you were a girl tarsnformer and had to pick a sparkmate who woudl it be.
  10. what is your fav time of day?.

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Quiz topic: Transformers:who am I?